Sunday, June 5, 2011

Then came Sophie aka "soph-a-loaf"

I just couldn't stand leaving Sasha home alone so I drove all the way to meet sophie and I new she was my baby as soon as I picked her up off the cold kitchen floor she was on. I didn't put her down once while I was signing all the paper work! She is the best sister Sasha could have asked for!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Our babies...First there was Sasha

My husband travels so much that one day he thought I needed a companion. He looked and looked and just couldn't seem to find one for me. My sister called and said I found a pug that needs rescued in the Penny Saver, he went, he held her and he brought her home. When I walked through the door, there she was about 10 weeks old all by herself in a kennel, I dropped everything on the floor and fell to me knees. My husband, surprised me and had gone out shopping for her. My sister suggested we call her Penny but Sasha was the first name that popped in my mind, so her name is Sasha Penny Camper. She means the world to me.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


So my husband is out on tour in Brazil and I always feel a little weird. I am not sure why, and exactly what it is, I just feel like something is "off". I guess I find it hard at times to go about my days when he is gone, but I just do. I just go through my days by the hour, reminding myself that I am strong, he will be home soon....It gives me a taste of what life would be like without him, and I guess it is a constant reminder that it can happen, it sorta puts a "fear" and "emptiness" in my heart. I get why dying of a "broken" heart can be real...because my heart is weak right now and it is a struggle to get through the day, I am anxious for him to come home..

My nephew's 7th Birthday Party

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